Message of the Managing Director

Oxborn College was established with the idea of providing a good and standard English knowledge for the beloved students of our nation. We conduct lectures for school students up to Advanced Level and guide adult students to achieve their goals in life through our specially prepared course materials and customized lesson plans. We improve the Knowledge of our students, rather than answering question papers and scoring marks. We set an arena for them to use the language in real life through number of projects, recreational activities, presentations and games. We have well planned curricula to improve the knowledge of English of our students covering all the aspects of English language such as listening, speech, grammar, reading & writing. We are proud and confident to say that we provide our students a world class education in a well disciplined background in the college. We have approached a good standard in the education field, winning the hearts of our beloved students and parents producing good results in all the National Level exams. We hope to provide a good education to our students fulfilling all the national goals and inheriting them a stable future. We thank all our parents for relying on us and our beloved past pupils for recommending our college for brothers and sisters.

Mr. N.B.A.D.H. Gunasekara


Our Mascot is the Lion Family. The lion represents the majesty, strength, courage and the power spread throughout the world. The lioness represents being a great beloved mother and the protection received through her eternal affection and caring. The lion cub which has been embraced by both the lion and the lioness depicts that the cub is carried to a crowning future paving him a strong foundation, to become a courageous and daring individual overcoming all the challenges and difficulties. So our students are always guided for the triumph of their life, setting them a lovable and caring background.


  • The circular shape of the badge indicates the humble and polite behaviour of our students which is nourished in a disciplined background.
  • The yellow colour background indicates the knowledge received with good skills and attitudes.
  • The light blue rays indicate the future of our students is stable and he/she illuminates this world by the wisdom.
  • The graduation hat indicates our students are outstanding in knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Our motto “Path to Success” indicates the students of our college will definitely be guided to a crowning future.

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